Atom Bank raises 75 million as IPO prospects grow


Atom Bank raises £75 million as IPO prospects grow

Mobile-only Atom Bank has raised more than £75m in new equity priced at 70p per share as it continues to grow its profitability and drive to IPO.

SIE Exam Prep 50 EXPLICATED Practice Questions/Performance Opportunities

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Time stamps:
00:00 Intro
1:14 Business cycle
2:32 Fiscal policy
3:56 Interest rates
4:50 Restricted persons
6:38 Churning
8:04 Holding mail
9:22 Statutory disqualification
11:07 Written customer complaints
12:59 Variable annuity
14:10 Continuing Education (CE)
15:00 Pay to play. Campaign contributions
16:30 Breakeven in puts is XP-premium PUT DOWN!
18:06 Registration of associated persons
19:25 Call contracts are in the money when the market price is up from the strike price. CALL UP!
20:49 Option agreement
21:57 Money market fund
22:48 Treasury note
23:30 Partnerships
24:54 Roth IRA
26:08 GNMA
27:10 TIPs
27:55 Special situation fund
29:30 market or systematic risk
31:49 Wilshire 5000
32:15 Systematic risk
33:10 Regulation BI
34:26 Municipal bonds
35:40 International stock fund’
37:00 Financial considerations
37:38 Current yield
39:06 Continuing Education (CE)
39:06 529 prepaid tuition plan
40:12 Total return
41:07 Long term capital gains
42:39 Primary market versus secondary market
44:14 Cooling off period
45:32 Rights of common stockholders
47:32 Voting rights
47:50 Ex-dividend date
49:33 Voting rights
50:12 Preferred stock
50:40 Rights versus warrants
51:51 Spin off
53:25 Current yield
54:39 Treasury notes
55:00 Municipal bonds
55:58 Open end funds
57:04 ETFs and closed end funds trade in the secondary market

How BNPL firm Atome plans to use its $500 million investment from Standard Chartered

Lei Chen of Advance Intelligence Group, the parent company of Atome Financial, says that in addition to scaling and giving a pricing advantage, the investment and strategic partnership will allow them to work with Standard Chartered to create interesting product and service offerings.

Atom Bank – Withdrawing your money

What to do if you want to withdraw all your funds when your Fixed Saver matures.

Digital is now: Driving sustainable ‘zero-based’ operations in European banking

Hosted by The Banker and in partnership with Accenture, this webinar is shaped by an in-depth European* Banking Operations survey conducted earlier this autumn on core banking systems and adoption of end-to-end digital capabilities: the European lens of Accenture’s Global Fast-track to future-ready banking research.

The discussion will highlight some of the most interesting findings voiced by the COO participants. Join this discussion with other operational leaders as we explore adoption of advanced technologies, digitally enabled customer journeys and more.