Crypto bear roars: Coinbase to lay off 1100 employees


Crypto bear roars: Coinbase to lay off 1100 employees

Coinbase is the latest crypto firm to take an axe to its workforce, outlining plans to lay off around 1100 people – 18% of its workforce – as it looks to cut costs in the face of "current market conditions".

The bear and bull case for Coinbase

D.A. Davidson’s Chris Brendler and Mizuho’s Dan Dolev join ‘The Exchange’ to give the bull and bear case for Coinbase.


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In today’s stream we’ll talk about how Coinbase has been fined by regulators and the latest bullish Polygon news!

We’ll discuss whether or not this news affected the price of $MATIC plus today’s top crypto headlines

01:00 The entire crypto market
01:30 #matic chart
02:15 #btc 12h, daily & weekly
03:10 Bullish #polygon news!
06:15 Latest #ftx creditor list
09:45 Coinbase in hot water
11:50 Elizabeth Warren slams crypto lobby
15:40 Mango Markets sue attacker
20:00 #robinhood scam token
21:30 Tax free crypto bill
22:50 Whitehouse crypto agenda
24:55 #jayz backed Spatial Labs funding round
26:25 #tesla holds onto BTC stash
27:20 #aave launches V3 on ETH
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San Francisco-Based Coinbase Lays Off 1,110 Employees

Coinbase, the crypto currency exchange headquartered in San Francisco, recently laid off 1,100 employees. Sergio Quintana reports.

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Laid Off from Coinbase?

Coinbase lays off over 60 employees after the company laid off around 1,100 employees in June
amid crypto market turmoil

The crypto exchange continues to reduce its headcount in the protracted bear market.

Coinbase does appear to be struggling in this bear market. Coinbase’s stock is also down nearly 80% this year and down 27.4% this month alone. 

The Cypto market is shaken to its core by the failure of FTX.

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